CAS Awards Night

Every year the Connecticut Association of Schools hosts a recognition dinner and awards ceremony for two ARTS students from each elementary/intermediate school in Connecticut.  These students are recommended by the ARTS staff in each of the schools.  The students must demonstrate significant skill in their craft, good citizenship, and be a positive role model in their arts area. This year the music department at Parkman School nominated Skylar Potemski as the Performing Artist. The visual art department  nominated Mia Tymko as the Visual Artist. These students, Principal Miss Roman, music teachers Miss Urquhart and Mrs. Carne, art teachers Miss Pierce and Mrs. Earley-Alves, classroom teachers Mrs. Cacio and Mr. Kwiecienski, participated in the CAS Awards Night at the AquaTurf Club in Stonington on Feb. 13th. It was a wonderful night of celebrating the ARTS and a welcome opportunity to honor these student representatives from Parkman School!