Helpful Information

Edgar H. Parkman School

Rights and Responsibilities

As a Parkman student, I have the right:

To feel safe at school.

To be treated fairly and respectfully.

To feel included.

To have my individual learning needs met.

To attend a school that is safe and clean.

To have fun at school.

To feel comfortable making my own decisions.

To have others listen to my ideas and opinions. 

As a Parkman student, I have the responsibility:

To treat people, property and possessions with respect (no physical contact and no put-downs).

To do my best work.  

To be a good listener and follow directions.

To express my opinions appropriately and listen to the opinions of others.

To ask if I am unsure. 

During the school year, we will work to make these ideas a part of our daily life at Parkman School.

 Students and staff developed this document during the 2011-2012 school year.